New Monitoring System in Place

StatusmapWe are proud to announce that our new and improved device-monitoring system is back in place.

Approximately 18 months ago we replaced our existing network and server monitoring solution with a proprietary product from one of our security software providers. We have found using this closed 3rd party software too limiting in what it could do and be customised to accomplish for our customer requirements (like most monitoring software solutions).

We are happy to report that after an extensive rigorous testing period of 3 months; Nagios is officially back as of today – this time supported by our own developments to accomplish the following:

  • Configuration for the monitoring system and Devices are now drawn from our in-place already-maintained Service Level Agreement documentation. Therefore, when we add/remove devices from our SLA documentation, they’re automatically being put onto the monitoring system or taken off.

  • graphWe have developed an app which periodically draws information from servers, routers and network switches to collect information such as network addresses of devices and which port, switch or route the device is connected to. This allows the configuration of the monitoring system to update automatically keeping the system 100% accurate.
  • Historical performance data is also collected and saved to be used for capacity planning and evaluating SLA objectives such as uptimes and service availability.

  • Because Nagios is a more open platform, we’ve been able to add some custom monitoring scripts and methods which lets us keep an eye over what is specifically important to our customers. This ensures that for example Windows Server Backups, VoIP Services and Public Access Servers amongst other things stay running smoothly

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